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LED lights save energy, have a longer lifespan and fewer UV emissions than traditional lighting products.

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The way you light your home becomes even more important during the winter months. 

When the days are shorter, the right lights can help you and your family feel warm and cozy inside your home.

Take a look at our latest products, including our 3m and 5m coloured strip kits and light up your home this winter!
Introducing our 20W LED Floodlight!

Enjoy Hyundai value in your home or office with this warm white 20W floodlight. 

It’s perfect for lighting up outside areas after dark as well as lighting paths for family and friends.

It’s protected against general water splashes and dirt and made from aluminium.

It’s also simple to install and comes with a 1m flexible cable.

This floodlight has a lifetime of 1,250 days (or 30,000 hours.)

Install it in your backyard now to get ready for balmy outside evenings with friends and family when spring and summer return!
Are you looking to upgrade your home in time for winter? 

Our products are simple to install and provide reliable light. 

They are suitable for household and family use and can create a soft warm atmosphere in your home to recharge and reset.

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