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Our lighting solutions are easy to install and affordable.


LED lights save energy, have a longer lifespan and fewer UV emissions than traditional lighting products.

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Have you ever wondered why light colour temperature matters so much?

It's because the colour, or temperature, of the light determines how your body feels.

At daylight or cold temperatures, you are more likely to stay alert and active.

At warm light temperatures, you are more likely to relax and rest. 

This idea is known as human centric lighting. You can use it to help change your working and living spaces to suit your needs with smart lighting products. 

It's particularly relevant for those of us still working from home. 

With a smart bulb or light strip, you can change the atmosphere of your space just by changing the light temperature. This means you can give your body different prompts just by changing your lights. 

If you'd like to set this up in your home, take a look at the smart light range link in our bio. 

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Are you getting ready to welcome friends and family back into your home? 

Our flexible Neon LED strip kit or Vibelite will light up your home or backyard and is perfect decorative lighting for parties and events. 

Sync it to your favourite music for an at home dance party! The music function with a built in microphone allows the strip to synchronise to any music type.

Control it via a phone or tablet using the Smart Life – Smart Living App and connect your strip to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

The kit includes:

- 1 x 5m Vibelite Neon LED Flex Strip
- 1 x 24V DC Power Adaptor
- 1 x 1.5m Adaptor Lead
- Remote Control with Battery
- 10 small wall mount clips
- Double sided tape to stick the Vibelite and adaptor to your chosen locations
- Installation Instructions

Check out the link in our bio for more information and to purchase.
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Would you like to win a Solar Garden Glow? 

All you have to do is share photos of your Hyundai Products in action and you will be in the running to win a Solar Garden Glow worth $49.95. 

To submit your entries, DM your photos or email them to info@hyundailighting.com.au with the subject line Photo Competition Entry by October 31st. 

The best 3 entries will each receive a Solar Garden Glow. The best photos will be determined based on their showcasing of the Hyundai Lighting product and originality in setup. 

Good luck! 
Are you dreaming of a summer of outdoor entertaining now that some restrictions have eased in NSW?

Our garden light kits can help you create a fabulous entertaining space after dark. 

We love lighting up garden beds, trees, outdoor entertaining spaces and more with our DIY kits. 

You can also use them to light pathways to enable your guests to safely make it to their destination.
#gardenlightingideas  #diyhomedecor #gardendesign #gardenrenovation #lightingsolutions #lightingdecor #hyundailighting #gardenlife
Our Solar Garden Glows are arriving next week and we couldn't be more excited! 

Light up your outdoor spaces with this solar powered, versatile and attractive LED lamp. Sync it with the Smart Life – Smart Living app and set lighting scenes to turn on at set times. Stake it into your lawn or use it to light up your balcony tiles or outdoor tables. 

And if you’re feeling really fancy, float many of them in your pool or pond for some romantic ambient lighting. There are so many possibilities!

Learn more at the link in our bio or email us at info@hyundailighting.com.au to reserve yours now. 

#hyundailighting #hyundai #gardenglow #outdoorliving #outdoorlighting #solarlighting
All of our smart lights are easy to integrate with the Smart Life - Smart Living app. You can use the app on your phone or tablet turn your lights on or off, change the colour temperature and to set lighting scenes to turn on at particular times. It's a great way to change your work space into a relaxing home environment when you finish working from home!
#hyundailighting #hyundaiau #smartlifeapp

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